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(Packaging material / RF devices / assembly equipments)

Ametek Coining

Al wire/ribbon, Au wire/ribbon, Cu wire/ribbon,
Solder Alloys, Braze Alloys, Bond Pads, Heat Sinks, Silvar, Sphere(solder ball), Leadfree Preform, Cover Assembles

Baoji Unique Titanium

Ti powder, Ti Wire, Ti Bar, Ti Forging, Ti Plate, Ti tube

Micross Components

Bare Dies & Wafer solutions, HI-REL Components

Die Devices

Si bare die & SiC bare die


WCu, MoCu, Cu/Mo/Cu, Cu/MoCu/Cu, S-CMC, Copper

Hebei Plasma Diamond

CVD Diamond


Wedge Tools and Die bonding Tools

Weber Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic Systems for welding, cutting and cleaning

F&K Phusiktechnik

Ultrasonic Gerenator & Transducer for die bonder and wire bonder

Atlantic Microwave

RF & Microwave Components (Amplifiers, Isolators, Power Dividers, Attenuators, Oscillators, etc.)

Cammax Precima

Manual Die bonders (Adhesive and Eutectic)

MicroAssembly Technologies

Full Automatic Die Bonder for MCM, Hybrid, Flip Chip, Eutectic, Ultrasonic, Silver Glass, Die Stacking, Ag Sinter, etc


Ball bonder, Wedge bonder, Peg bonder,Multipurpose Wire bonder(ball, wedge, peg, bump)


Selective Soldering System, Coil Winding System


Ultrasonic Metal Welding System, Semi-Auto Heavy Wire bonder, Vacuum & Pressure Reflow Furnace, Solder Ball Mounter

Try Precision

Multifunction Bond Tester (Manual and Auto), Anti-Vibration Table, Peeling Tester, Battery Heavy Al wire Hook tester.